Pearls and Their New Place in Fashion

Pearls are known to be elegant, beautiful with vintage style. Each year we see them with new fashions. Pearls are timeless as basic jewelry and have been making a statement that they were becoming more stylish every year.

Fashion Designers

Pearl jewelry has now been made to wear withnew fashion; it wasn’t always that way. This means that every year the new fashions had the same boring jewelry. Recently pearls made their way to Chanel’s spring 2014 show. Karl Lagerfeld was next also using large pearls with his fashions on the runway in the same year. It was the same with other designer’s fashions for every season – pearls were making a comeback.


Now pearls are seen with every designer’s fashion as:

  • Long strands of very large pearls
  • Pearls as large pendants
  • Pearl earrings that are long
  • Bracelets with many strands of small pearls


These pearls are now being worn with:

  • Casual clothes
  • Formal fashions
  • At the beach for a party
  • Mountain fun by the fireplace

Fresh fashion style

Beginning in 2014 every runway show had almost all the models wearing pearls. And the larger the pearls and the number of strands; the more fashionable it became. In other words, the chat in many circles in 2014 was that pearl jewelry had become fashionable again. Forward thinking fashion jewelry designers had been making lively and fresh jewelry for years but they only werebeing used with the endless type pearls available today.

Jewelry Designers

Designers in the fashion industry have renewed this interest. But expensive and rare pearls are counting for only a fraction of the overall market for pearls.

Jewelry Designers

Pearl market

The remaining US market – both consumers and retailers – were stuck on the perception that pearl jewelry lacks a modern appear and were associated with the white pearls strands that are very boring and lacks modern appeal. But, today pearls have become fashionable due to:

  • New shapes
  • New colors
  • More sizes

This new interest in pearls began happening due to new and better farming techniques producing more colors shapes and sizes.