Mexican Coke – Would Be The Variations Worthwhile?

I have been a soda enthusiast for many years, always attempting to remain on the surface of the latest occurrences in the market and I have always heard the ‘Holy Grail’ of sodas you can acquire (without entirely an excessive amount of difficulty) was Mexican created Coca-Cola. It uses the ‘original’ recipe for Coco-Cola, the main one with real stick sugar, not the American version that utilizes high fructose corn syrup. Well, I’ve acquired a container, and I am looking at it for everybody so you know whether it lives to the hype.

In short? Not a chance. It is simply Coke without the kick the carbonation appears to become less potent, the taste is not as sweet, and it is just ‘different.’ Soda snobs around the globe will crucify me with this article whether it ever reaches their inner circles however i like the American made product.

You will find a couple of positives though. Since it uses real sugar, that sticky feeling that’s corn syrup’s trademark is fortunately absent. Also, you are able to rarely think it is in anything except glass bottles (a minimum of around here). Does which help the taste? That’s debatable, however i prefer it. Maybe I’ve got a glass bottle fetish or something like that? You never know?

Calorie smart, you are really no best. You will find 150 calories per 355 milliliter serving. How that means oz . I not quite sure I am to lazy to complete the mathematics. However I believe it’s a little more than 12 oz .. Regardless, the main difference in calorie content isn’t a significant one.

I only say check it out, so you are able to say you have had one. I am lucky enough to get live far enough south that they are easy that i can locate, but you will find tons of people that would like them but can’t have them. That contributes a little towards the ‘mystique’ I suppose. Just you shouldn’t be expecting an excessive amount of, or you will be left disappointed. It is simply Coke.