Get your final rank in advance with IIT JEE Rank Predictor

IIT JEE rank predictor is a tool for assessing the result in advance for the candidates appearing in exam. Every year the rank is predicted on the basis of different dataof yester year papers and in observation of the complicatedness of current year. The student can plan out the expected courses on the basis of predicted results. It is not recommended that one should totally depend on the IIT JEE Rank Predictor for the selection of courses.

There are various coaching institutes provide IIT JEE Rank Predictors every year online.Candidates can verify their ranks from IIT JEE Rank Predictors. Some of the coaching institutes provide IIT JEE Rank Predictors like FIITJEE Rank Predictor, Resonance Rank Predictor, Allen Rank Predictor, Narayana Classes, and AakashRank Predictor etc. These ranks are just assumptions students should not full rely on them.

Marks of Board Exams

IIT JEE Rank Predictormatch the prospective ranks of JEE mains and their equivalent marks. As per the rules laid in 2013 nominal weightage of 40% in board exams give weightage in the final rank of JEE main. The percentage of board exams plays a key factor role to change your rank.The candidates should know about their respective board exam and the score of JEE mains. Candidates are also need to have rough informationof percentile against the percentage board marks.

Procedure for Normalization of qualifying examinations marks for JEE Main 2015

Ao– JEE main aggregate marks obtained by students in 2015

Bo – Board exams aggregate marks of five subjects meeting the eligibility of JEE main 2015. This is used to compile the percentile (P) of each student to get corresponding JEE main 2015 marks.

B1 – The JEE main 2015 collective marks matching to percentage at the level of all over India.

B2 – The set of collective scores obtained in JEE main 2015 by the students of that board matching to percentile of JEE main 2015 collective marks.

Calculation of normalized board marks of the candidate:

B final = 0.5 * (B1 + B2)

Calculation of the combined score of JEE main 2015 list of merit:

D = 0.6 * Ao + 0.4 * B final

The combined score arrived on the basis of the JEE main 2015 merit ranks.

How to balance Board and IIT JEE preparation?

  1. Students generally face difficulty in managing both the exams together. It happens with everyone you need not to worry about it. You have to just focused and stay positive all the time.
  2. You do not have to mug up all the things to get good score. But try to make your basic concepts clear and strong. It will help you to solve the problems in short span of time in your examination.
  3. You should also learn the technique to apply for solving the problems.
  4. JEE exam test aptitude and not the theoretical knowledge of the students.
  5. Students can easily make the balance between personal life and JEE exam if they are satisfied and focused.

Learning the art of balancing between board and JEE?

Way # 1

The psychological weakness of students brings fear of failure in their mind. The thought of failure can lead to loss of concentration depression among the students. IIT JEE has solved this problem by launching video lectures. This is really a brilliant idea to understand the concept in a clear way. It develops the students’ interest in the topic. Video lectures are helpful to get the topic in very less time. These lectures are better than coaching classes and very logical too. Students can view, re-view and store the lecture for revision in future.

Way # 2

        Theother way to maintain the balance between board and JEE main is IIT JEE study plan. A candidate should create a study plan and devote full time to all subjects and give more time to important topics. He should also revise the topics because revision is the best medicine to get good marks in examination. There is a concept of mock test which will clear your current position before the examination. The sample test helps you to know about the pattern of the examination.